Portland CSO Basin Project-Louisville, KY

Project Owner: MSD
General Contractor: Dugan & Meyers
Cost: $929,430

The Portland CSO Basin is one of multiple basin projects by Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District’s Waterway Improvements Now (WIN) program. The impressive combined sewer overflow (CSO) basin, completed in August 2019, was built to control sewer overflows and improve water quality in Louisville. In heavy rain events, the CSO basins will retain a mixture of rainwater and sewage that will gradually be released for treatment rather than overflowing the system and polluting waterways.

T.E.M. Group, Inc. installed the devices allowing MSD to operate and monitor water levels in heavy rain events. De-watering pumps, sump pumps, actuator gates, and level indicators are the most critical devices to operate a CSO. With these devices, MSD can redirect, store, and process flood waters and sewage waters safety, keeping natural waterways clean and sanitary. These are state of the art systems, requiring specialized expertise that benefit the city of Louisville and will for years to come.