MSD Waterway Protection Tunnel – Louisville, KY

Project Owner: MSD
General Contractor: Shea-Traylor J.V.
Cost: $3,097,513

The waterway protection tunnel is critical to Louisville’s commitment to protecting waterways by reducing combined sewer overflows (untreated wastewater) by 98% during heavy rain events. When completed in 2022, the waterway protection tunnel will be 4 miles long, 20 feet in diameter, and 200 feet deep with a portion running under the Ohio River. The tunnel will hold up to 55 million gallons of waste water and storm water, the equivalent to 83 Olympic size pools. The water will be pumped back out of the tunnel and into the waste water treatment facilities when capacity is available.

T.E.M. Group, Inc. plays a crucial role as the electrical contractor providing power to the tunneling operation, including the tunnel-boring machine, aptly named “Bumblebee” after Louisville’s own Muhammad Ali. The 412 foot Bumblebee requires electric power to bore through dirt and rock which is carried on a conveyor belt out the entrance of the tunnel. We are working around the clock to keep the tunnel energized.